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How has COVID 19 Impacted the LGBTQ+ Community

COVID 19 pandemic came as a shock to us, as it changed the overall meaning of what was till then considered normal! Many wouldn’t relate to this, but being from the LGBTQ+ Community comes with a price, which the individual has to pay on a daily basis. In the majority of cases some individuals decide to stay alone out of choice, while some are forced to move out. It becomes an ordinary phenomenon for them to live on their own and strive daily to give themselves the best lifestyle they could. The main reason they do this is because they don't wish to restrict themselves from being who they are or how they express themselves.

Many LGBTQ+ individuals were forced to move back home.

During the time when the pandemic brought a standstill to the income of many queer individuals, it was essential for their survival that they move in back to their parents house. This step meant that temporarily they had to completely amend the rules which was one of the major reasons they had decided to move out. This also meant that in spite of staying with so many people, they still felt distant and isolated as they had to live a pretend life which they wanted to escape in the first place.

Many Queer individuals were not able to express themselves because of the restrictions Imposed.

Queer culture has a lot of community gatherings and meet-up’s which ensured that everyone felt inclusive and supported. Due to the pandemic restrictions, even meeting people became a big No-No as it would threaten the lives of them and their loved ones. There were many people who tried their best to stay in touch virtually, but it couldn't fill the void of meeting people in person.

Many starved for days as due to being daily wage earners, they couldn't afford meals thrice a day.

We all are aware that most individuals in the LGBTQ+ community are daily wage earners. With inflation being at peak, there are many people who couldn’t save a lot of money as in majority of the cases, the cost of living was equal to what they were earning. There are many individuals in the community who work as a sex worker, massuese or Beg on the streets for a living as they neither have the skill or an education required for a stable job. Hence when the pandemic striked it completely made them financially bankrupt and while most people were making ‘Dalgona Coffee, many LGBTQ+ individuals had to either eat less than what they normally would, or even starve themselves until they couldn't control their hunger.

Many went through depression because of loneliness.

Being lonely comes with a series of mental health related issues like depression and anxiety. Before the pandemic there was at least an opportunity for the queer individuals to move out of their houses and distract themselves from their anxiety, but the pandemic didn't only bring the sense of claustrophobia, but it also fueled their insecurities and make them feel that there is no escape from it.

But we all stayed strong and didn’t give up to depression and loneliness.

In spite of all that happened because of the pandemic, people still managed to sail through their mental breakdown and came out of it even stronger. There were times when queer individuals used to feel targeted or vent emotionally even on small hiccups, but the lockdown changed most of it, as it brought us closer to the understanding of what we really are. This led towards gaining the strength and self-respect which was somewhere missing before.

Now that the situation is returning to being as normal as we remember, it could be proudly said that the LGBTQ+ community would become more stronger. This change will not only make our community a much happier place, but is certain to project positivity and inclusivity in our society as well.

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