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Being LGBT in this heteronormative society

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Imagine waking up every day as a child and reminding yourself that; you need to walk straight, you need to talk properly, you need to be careful with your hand moments, and you need to try to suppress yourself so that you don’t attract any attention. These are few of the many thought’s LGBT kids keep reminding themselves every morning, so that they could be accepted by society. Our ancestors have defined certain gender norms and assigned a duty to each gender, for eg. Men are providers and Women are caretakers, but time has proven that it is farther from the truth. In today’s world, all the gender roles have proven that they are equally capable of handling any task given to them. As women can be the provider of a family while a man nurtures the household. But gender is not restricted to just that, different individuals identify themselves using different gender terms.

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