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Gay Pride

about us

What is closeted stance?
Closeted Stance is an LGBTQ+ centric lifestyle portal which is committed towards become an open platform where thousands of LGBTQ+ individuals can be connected with the community. We also aim to be a channel of hope for those LGBTQ+ individuals who want to express themselves but lack an open platform to do so.

Why the name Closeted Stance?
The word closeted can be explained as 'hiding the real identity and pretend to be acting and behaving as what is considered ‘normal’ in society'. The term Stance can be interpreted as taking a stand for what they believe in, while others might think that it is raising their voices to make things right. 


To be a safe space for all LGBTQ+ individuals, where they can learn about the community and also with time express their views which could lead in bringing a sense of unity towards our community.


To become a safe platform on which all Individual, Group or community can blindly rely on for news and update about the LGBTQ+ community and anything that matters to them.


To become the most reliable LGBTQ+ centric lifestyle portal while providing content worth the readers time. 

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