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5 effective tips that can help to tackle depression

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Hey there! If you have clicked this link, there is a huge possibility that either you feel depression or your near or dear one is showing some signs of depression. First of all, let me tell you, it’s normal to feel depressed and there are hundreds of factors which leads us to feel so but don’t you worry as this post will try to help you the best way possible. We are not going to mention the list of reasons why LGBT individuals suffer from depression as we’ll all have a different journey and we don’t wish to generalise the cause. Knowing that you’re reading this blog, makes all of us happy as we don’t yet know the challenge you are facing, but it feels great to see that you’ve already taken your first step towards feeling better. There will be few suggestions listed down here if possible please try out things which you feel most comfortable with first and if they don’t work, you can move to the difficult one’s!

1. Communicate.

Hey I know you’ve been through a lot of pain lately, but please don’t keep it to yourself; as it will make you feel worst about yourself. We all have at least one person in our lives with whom we can confide in. It’s time to either call or meet them and tell them what you are going through. There is a huge possibility that these negative feelings are emerging as you haven’t spoken to anyone about it. If you feel that your friend will not understand what you are going through, consider going to a therapist or an NGO’s like ‘Humsafar Trust’. They deal with individuals facing similar kinds of issues daily and they most certainly will be able to help you feel better or provide a direction towards recovery.

2. Keep Yourself Busy.

We’ve been hearing since childhood that empty mind is the devil’s workshop, and it had been proven true. If you sit idle there is a huge possibility that you will start thinking about the reason which has caused the depression in the first place and your state of mind will worsen. Even therapists recommend to engage in activities of their likings can help in faster recovery. So if you like painting, pick up your brush and start painting. If you like to listen to music or dance, get lost in the beats and melodies. If you feel you need to take a small vacation or a trip, pack your bags and leave. This will not only brighten your mood but will also help your mental health to stabilise.

3. Positivity In, Negativity Out!

I know it sounds cliche, but wear something comfy and wander in the world of imagination through meditation. Breathe in all positivity around you and breathe out all the negative energy bottled inside you. Meditation will not only boost your mood but will also help in clearing your head. Through meditation, you can forget all the reasons you feel depressed and get a chance to see your life with a different and positive perspective.

It’s also essential to remember that entertaining negative people in your life at that point is going to only worsen your depression, hence it's important to stay away from them. They might be your closest friend but you have to be selfish in a time like this, as it is a matter of your mental health. Try to surround yourself with people who smear positivity around, as these people will help you recover faster.

4. Power of Forgiveness.

Since childhood, our parents have always asked us to Forgive and Forget, but after growing up we realised that it’s not as simple as it sounds. When someone destroys our faith and soul completely, how is it even possible to forgive! The true trick towards forgiveness is to think from the person’s perspective as there will surely be a strong reason for them to cause you pain. It’s not something which we will agree to, but it’s important to understand that you and that person are different. If you forgive that person it’s going to benefit you more than him because the person has caused you pain and he probably would be enjoying seeing you in misery. It’s important to remind yourself how strong you are, forgive the person for the pain they have caused you and forget that this incident even occurred, as remembering it again and again could build up more tension within your mind.

5. Gratitude diary.

Remember singing ‘all those thanksgiving songs during school prayers’ it’s time to start acknowledging all the good and positive in your life. Take a notebook and daily try to write ‘5 things’ you are thankful about today. We can imagine you thinking to yourself what a lame suggestion to cure depression, but trust our experience as this trick works like a charm! When you acknowledge the good around you, it automatically brings a positive perspective in your life. There will be a time when you will find it very kiddish to write stuff in a dairy, but on the bright side, you are also inculcating the ability to journaling.

(If the above tips do not work for you, its best to consult a therapist and if you feel lonely and wish for a confidant to confide in, you can send us a mail on or DM us on our social media platforms letting us know what issue you are facing. Not only will we keep it confidential, but we shall also work together in finding you a solution... Do not fear when team Closeted Stance is here!)


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