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8 Countries that have same-sex marriages legalized

The Lgbt community has always struggled for their basic rights in India. The intolerance showcased towards them has invited the further deterioration of their personal and professional lives. One of the basic rights that the LGBT community is deprived of in India is same-sex marriage. Same-sex marriages are still considered taboo in our society and are not legalized yet despite global support. However, in order to spread awareness as to how the other countries over the world have already decriminalized them, we have listed the following countries below. They have legalized same-sex marriages long ago and will hopefully strike a strong point on the ongoing debate for the same in India too.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands became the first country to legalize same-sex marriages in 2001. They introduced legislation for the LGBT community. This legislation brought them to their right of marriage, divorce, and adoption.


In 2003, Belgium finally took a stand for the community and granted them their complete right to marriage. Even though same-sex marriage was legalized in 1998 in Belgium, they were deprived of most of their rights as couples which finally took place in 2003.


Norway legalized same-sex marriage, divorce, adoption, and even artificial insemination for the LGBT community. They passed a bill in January 2009 which was enacted into law eventually taking a strong stand for the LGBT community.


In 2009, Sweden held a voting system for the decriminalization of gay marriages in the country. It received a delightful response that was in the favour of the LGBT community. The ratio was 261 votes against 22 proving the victory of the LGBT community.


After a load of proceedings and trials t bring in a change in the country, Argentina finally legalized same-sex marriage in its country. In 2010, it finally became the first Latin American country to allow gay couple marriages. Many local jurisdictions including its capital Buenos Aires also enacted a law for the entrance of the LGBT community in the civil unions.


After Queen Margrethe II gave her royal assent to this proposed legislation, Denmark fought for the basic rights of the LGBT community. Denmark was one of the first countries to allow same-sex couples to register themselves as official wedded partners in 1989


Brazil’s National Council Of Jurisdiction in 2013 legalized same-sex marriage completely. Before 2013, only 27 local jurisdictions in the entire nation had the right. However, with time the nation did not lag behind to provide the community of its own country with the best and put its best efforts to bring in a change for them

New Zealand

In 2013, New Zealand too held a voting system for the final acknowledgment and verdict towards the decriminalization of gay marriages in India. This received strong support from the then Prime Minister John Key as well. The decision was in the favour of the LGBT community with more than 70% votes. It became the first Asia- Pacific country for normalizing gay marriages.

India as a developing country requires a lot of changes to be brought in. However, to constantly keep progressing it is essential for us to fight for the basic rights of the LGBT community. This is how we can improve as a nation and set an example for others just like the above-mentioned countries.

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