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Feminism: The fight towards gender equality

When it comes to feminism, our world has divided itself into 3 major categories. The ones who are feminist, many who are pseudo feminists', and also the ones who don't even know what this term means. While a lot of pseudo feminists' would want you to think that feminism is a complex and vague subject beyond the understanding of an ordinary being, but a real feminist would know that feminism is all about equality between gender.

It has been evident for generations now that there has always been a divide established by our society towards females as they are always considered inferior to men. This stereotype has made it impossible to give equal opportunity and respect to women in our society, and since a few decades this has been visible in the corporate sector as well. As it is very rare that a man would respect a woman in power compared to a man.

If you would have seen the movie ‘Gunjan Saxena- The Kargil Girl’ you would remember how difficult it is for her to prove her brother, her training base and her superiors about why she deserves to be treated like the others. They have also shown how the training officers change their path just because they don't want to greet a female officer. The sad part is that these discrimination she faces throughout the movie was not because of her lack of abilities, but because of her gender.

This is just one of the many things which a woman has to face on a day to day basis, when they decide to prove to our society that they are as strong as any other men. The true reason why the whole idea of feminism started in the first place was to let people know that the discrimination and vague concept of inferior and superior gender needs to stop. As all genders are equal and they all deserve equality of pay, responsibility, opportunity and respect. The day when this equality will become a normal thing, there will be no need for feminism.

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1 Comment

Valentine Dsilva
Valentine Dsilva
Mar 09, 2021

It really hurts to see my own sister and mother treated differently in many stores just because they are feminine. Men's should really stop this discrimination. Well there ate even females who create gender discrimination.

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