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Does blackmailing the LGBT Community exists today?

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

This blog hits right at home, as we have seen it up close and personal. We all by now understand that due to our heteronormative society, it has been very difficult for individuals belonging to the LGBT community to find love and acceptance. There have been many people open and vocal about accepting the community, but the majority of us are still struggling. We know that no-one is the world wishes their child to be born gay or lesbian or transgender, but there are very few families, friends and acquaintances who accept when one such case becomes a reality. As we know the majority of Humans long for companionship, it’s quite difficult to find a partner for these individuals like how ‘heterosexual’ people do. That's what tempts 100’s of young LGBT individuals to join the internet in search of love and affection. It’s essential to understand that the reason why these people go on the internet is not because of being desperate to meet people for random sex or attention, but it’s due to not having any other option.

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