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Difference between LGBT Pride Month and LGBT History Month

While we all know that the core reason for celebrating LGBT Pride and LGBT History Month is to celebrate the existence of the LGBT community and spreading awareness about them around other communities. Nevertheless, there are a few major differences between both the months thus their individual motto's vary from each other. Here are some of the reasons why these months are celebrated internationally.

LGBT Pride Month

The LGBT Pride month is celebrated individually to pronounce to the world that the community exists and there is nothing abnormal about being from the community, During this month we acknowledge and educate ourselves about the diversity of sexuality, gender identity, and sexual orientation LGBT community beholds and spreads awareness on the same.

LGBT History Month

As we know that the history of the LGBT community wasn't easy. The community was severely oppressed and was expected to go through all the pain without opposing or questioning it. For quite some time, society was able to condemn and shame the entire community, until the community stood together to fight back. These significant moments have shaped the mindset of the new accepting community and it has helped the LGBT community find a place in our society.

The LGBT history month aims in spreading awareness towards the community by educating the masses about all the history related to the communities existence, acceptance, and civil rights. During this month we commemorate and pay respect to all the ones who fought for the betterment and acceptance of our community as neither are we a 'minuscule minority' nor are we 'Abnormal'.

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