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5 great LGBT youtube couples you can't stop falling in love with.

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

We are sure you all would relate that since a long time ago, youtube has been one influence which has made sure that we are always entertained, educated and evolved. This has been an open platform which has not only empowered people socially but has also become a bread and butter for many individuals. Sharing life stories on youtube has been one of the most viewed and loved parts for all the visitors. 

We have listed ‘5 great LGBT youtube couples you can't stop falling in love with’ and we are sure that once you trust our instincts and watch some of their video’s, you are sure to subscribe to all of their channels. 

Amit and Aditya

Amit and Aditya are so adorable that at the end of each video, you are sure to have a smile on your face. Their story has been super inspiring and they have proven that love wins No Matter What. We are sure that you would have already seen them on at least one social media platform as they make sure to be super active, but their content is always entertaining and fun to watch. 

Sufi and Anjali

When we came across Sufi and Anjali’s youtube channel, it initially didn't occur to us that they are a couple. When we watched their videos, we instantly connected to them and fell in love with both of them. Their love and commitment for each other are commendable and we surely can see that they can go to any extent to make their counterpart smile. 

Rylan and Shane

Shane has been in the youtube game for quite some time now, but Ryland's channel makes me believe that people who decide to enter late but have interest in vlogging, can make a place in the youtube market. It's been more than a year we are watching this wonderful couple sharing all the important parts of their lives. They have been together in happiness and sadness, sickness and health and in bad and good times. They have been a couple, everyone looks up to and it's truly a delight watching them together. 

Karin and Skyler

Watching this cute couple just talking makes us so super happy, and their content is super engaging. The best part of this couple is that they show their happiness as well as their vulnerable side to their audience and it feels super nice to watch them. We are sure that once you start watching their videos, you are sure to watch more and more. 

Nick and Anthony

We can't even express how fun it is watching this couple try and prank each other. Their videos have been super cute as they make sure to share all their big and small moments with their youtube family and through them it does seem that pranking does make relationships stronger. We would recommend you to watch their videos as we are sure that you are sure to love them. 


Dion and Sebb

We couldn't control but put another recommendation, so we decided to feature this wonderful couple as a bonus! We are not gonna say much about them, except for the fact that they are an amazing couple, they are full of life and entertainment and you must watch their videos. 

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