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5 Bollywood Actors who have represented unforgettable LGBT characters

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

We all love LGBT representation in Bollywood, but there are some character and exceptional actors who deserve all the appreciation in the world. To complement these actors for their commendable performance and bravery to openly embrace such roles, despite being aware of the stereotype set by our society. (If you feel that there are many more artists who deserve to be on this list, mention their name and your reason in the comment section below.)

1. Ayushaman Khurrana - Shubh Mangal Zyada Savdhan

This is the most recent movie, the majority of us would have seen on the silver screen. A classic love story but between Kartik and Aman! This movie shares light on a lot of issues the LGBT community faces on a day to day basis. The journey of self-acceptance, coming out to family, how homophobia impacts relations between family and ends with a ray of hope with showing the decriminalisation of sec 377. Kartik’s journey in the movie has been remarkable as the character has these stories from his past and situation in the present which makes him a delight.

2. Sonam Kapoor - Ek ladki ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga

When this movie was announced, the majority of the audience were not even aware of the message this movie had, but this movie has the potential to even make a person with the heart of a rock, sob during the climax. Sweety’s character journey starts like any other movie where she is portrayed as she is running from her brother in search of freedom, but when the movie shows her true side to the audience, it's hard not to fall in love with her. Her character initially plans to run away from our country as she knows that our society will never accept her for her true self, but her father’s acceptance changes everything. When in the mood to see a movie filled with emotions, this will be the best pick.

3. Arjun Mathur - Made In Heaven

Made in Heaven is an exceptional web series, we recommend every individual to watch. This is also a series where the producers have openly shown the toucher our community goes through when they are arrested or abducted. Talking about Karan’s character, thanks to this being a series, we get to witness a lot more than just the traditional drama. Through Karan’s journey, a lot of challenges faced by the LGBT community have been portrayed in the best light. We are certain that at the end of the series, you are sure to love Karan, Tara and the entire series.

4. Shabana Azmi - Fire

When we saw this movie for the first time, the first thought which arose in our minds was that “This movie is way ahead of its time”. This movie speaks about a lot of taboo topics, but the one which we adored the most was the lesbian relationship. People who watch this movie with a broad mind are certain to learn a lot of things through this movie and we are certain that you too will be shocked and start thinking that how could they release this movie back then.

5.Sanjay Suri - My brother Nikhil

My brother Nikhil popped up in our Netflix recommendation while we were browsing for some interesting movie. We were not well versed about the movie but as it has Sanjay Suri and Juhi Chawla, we wanted to see what this movie had for us in store. Initially, the movie seemed pretty basic but as the story started unfolding, we couldn't believe the masterpiece we had discovered. In the LGBT community, there is always a threat with HIV and hence there are a lot of rumours associated around it. This movie not only helps you clear those misconceptions, but you are sure to make you feel every emotion which Nikhil feels. We are certain that just like us, you too will fall in love with Nikhil and be saddened by the injustice he faces. This masterpiece is a must-watch for every LGBT movie lover.


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