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5 Best Gay Short Film's you can binge-watch on Youtube this Pride Month

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

After the success of our listing of ‘5 best gay movies you can watch on Netflix this pride month’ and ‘5 best LGBT web series you can watch on Netflix this Pride Month’ we wanted to list 5 Independent Short films anyone and everyone can watch on YouTube. These movies are randomly listed and are all under 12 minutes, which makes them the best option to binge-watch. We will make sure to link a playlist below for convenient viewing experience. Like always we promise not to give you any spoilers. (If you like our picks, don’t forget to subscribe to our website for timely updates.) 


We are sure that you will easily relate to this movie, all have witnessed it ourselves at least once in our life. The real question after watching this movie, has it inspire you to go ahead and take that leap of faith? If yes do let us know in the comment section below!

Baby steps

This movie is a beautiful representation of the love a mother has for his son. It is sure to make you smile at multiple occasions and at the same time is going to leave you with a realisation at the end that ‘sometimes its good to take baby steps’.

Mohabbat Zindabad

Coming out to your family, friends and society can be very challenging or sometimes even impossible. But when you have a partner whom you love more than yourself, that fight surely becomes worth it. This movie has been an inspiration to so many people, hope it inspires you too!

Any Other Day

When we saw this movie, it was a hand down that this movie deserved to be on this list. The language used in this movie can be considered as a little harsh, but it makes this shortfall even better. This movie was shot before section 377 was decriminalised, but it speaks on a very strong message all of us must watch. (P.S. If this movie makes you think about your mother, don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends. )

In a heartbeat

Our list would be incomplete without this movie. To be honest, this movie reminds me of Joey Graciffa and Daniel Prieda. We are sure that as soon as you watch this movie you are going to love it and share it with all your dear one’s. 

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