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5 best gay movies you can watch on Netflix this pride month

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Movies play a very crucial role in shaping our society’s mindset about new trends and cultural advancements. Since the earlier inclusion of LGBTQ characters in the television industry has been limited and sidetracked to someone associated with being weak or a diversion. It’s only recently that the LGBT character has been introduced in television, movies and advertisements with a positive light. What’s best is that there are some movies where LGBT character have been playing the main roles. We have listed a few movies that are all available on Netflix and represent the community and the challenges they face in the best light possible. We understand that as we are recommending movies for you all to watch this pride month, we can not give you any major spoilers, or else why would you even what to the movie after reading the details. We only intend to burn a flame of curiosity in your mind so that you watch these movies. 


Not every loev stories are perfect, there are times when we have to make our loev story a perfect one. This wonderful movie opens up our minds to think about our past crushes and relationships and when they fidget with our present, will the loev and trust have the power to forgive and keep going. Loev also reminds us as individuals who have fallen in the trap of desire to check on us whether we will be able to forgive someone who had caused a lot of pain to you. Its also important to remember that if your desire overpowers your body, you need to be very careful about the decision you take as they can cost life and death. 


While watching this movie, be ready to be spun around in a roller coaster ride. The audience gets to witness all the different stages of ‘The Coming Out Process’. Through this movie, we get to see the journey of self-acceptance after realising a person's sexual orientation and the process of sharing this story with their family and friends. This movie also gives an important message that there no right age to come out as its a personal to each individual as some come out as young as 13 but some can take up to 80 to come out. 


Talk about college life, isn’t that a confusing phrase? There are so many things we experienced during that time, first alcohol, first drugs and first sex are the three things, the majority of us experience during college. This is also a time when we experiment with our life and discover new things. This movie is packed with drama, entertainment, Hallucination, sexuality and a very strong message. This movie also speaks that there is nothing wrong if feeling different or experiencing different emotions from others. This movie is sure to make you curious about a lot of things in life.


There is only one person in our life who loves us unconditionally and she is our mother. This movie not only speaks about the love and bond between a mother and son but also gives hope that through this movie a lot of misconceptions in our society can be cleared. This story is a complete package showcasing love between two partners, a strong mother-son bond and how homophobia can destroy a family. We hope you are ready to shell out some tears while watching this amazing movie. 

5) I AM 

This is one movie which we never thought existed in the history of our Indian cinema. This movie speaks about a lot of important issues like child molestation, blackmailing using sexuality, Surrogacy and also around the important topic of the injustice with Kashmiri Pandits. It’s a movie everyone should watch to understand the issue faced by minorities. 

(We hope that you like our picks and do watch all of these amazing masterpieces. If you wish to suggest a few movies we should watch and give a proper review, write to us on our social media platforms or mail us at ) 

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