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Why is Pride Month Important?

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Everyone who has been an out and proud part of the LGBT community has at least attended one pride in their city or country. while pride celebration may look like a complete arena of entertainment and costume, it holds a huge meaning for the people in the community. The inception of pride started as an idea for the LGBT community to come together and show solidarity against the injustice happening to their people. We should be thankful that we get to march in pride celebrating diversity, where initially it was held to show people that the LGBT community existed and deserved basic human rights.

To show the world that we are not a minuscule minority.

It has been quite some time, that the LGBT community was considered as a minuscule minority. While the community was fighting for their lives and Rights, Pride was held to show our society that we existed in large numbers and we were not just a minority. When we look at the pictures of the initial pride parade, a lot of people used to cover their face to hide their identity. This was a necessity because the majority of the community they did not even have the right to live according to their country's constitution. If anyone would speculate that they belong from the LGBT community or had a homosexual sexual orientation, there were huge possibilities that they could be arrested for life or hanged till death. But that did not stop our community from showing the presence as unless they were not standing to ask for their rights, we would never get our independence in the first place.

To Celebrate each and every sexuality.

Pride is probably an only occasion where judgement does not exist. It is a safe place where each individual can openly talk about their sexual orientation. During the pride month, different organisations from the city come together and organise events to witness different sexual orientation and how they are as normal as heterosexuality. There are many seminars organised during this month to educate and create awareness in the members of the LGBT community, about different sexualities and sexual orientation.  

To Commemorate the one’s who sacrificed their lives for the community.

Since the last few years when we go to attend pride, we usually go wearing our best attire, our most attractive makeup and are all set to attend different parties, but we should also remember to pay homage to all those activists and people who have sacrificed their lives and livelihood to make our acceptance a reality. They worked very hard to make sure we get or basic human rights and most importantly, the right to be allowed to love whoever we want. 

To show unity and harmony amidst the community.

All around the year, we are quite busy with our day-to-day lives. But pride month helps us to take a small vacation and allows us to come together to celebrate our diversities. During the pride month, different NGO’s and Organisers keep interactive events where people can be united and socialise. All these events are based on different interest and help people with similar likings to come together and meet each other. few of these events are based on Performing arts, Literary arts, Fine arts, Gala’s, Group discussions, movie screenings and parties. They surely are packed with entertainment and helps build a connection with like-minded people. 

To express ourselves the way we desire.

For all the pride events and for the march, every individual wear’s and represents themselves in the most artistic way possible. It has been witnessed that there are many individuals who design their looks months in advance, as they wish to look their best while walking the march. The best part about this event is that no matter what you wear, you are always showered with compliments. This is the only community where people truly believe that ‘Bigger is Beautiful’ and do not body shame people who are bigger in size.

To stand together and fight for LGBTQ+ Rights.

Pride has always been a platform, where the LGBT community unite and request for their rights in front of the government. This gathering was initially formed to stand together and protest for the basic human rights and even today is held as a protest to decriminalise homosexuality. Pride month is important as it brings all the community members together to fight for their rights. 

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