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Why is Being gay considered being ambiguous?

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Being gay has always been considered as being ambiguous, as there is no definition to describe a homosexual person. There is one thing which stays common in every one of them is the fact that they are attracted to the same gender. There are so many different types of homosexuals, that sometimes even the community gets confused describing them.

There is always a preconceived notion that every gay guy should act or react in a specific way, but that never turns out to be the truth as it is truly understood that every gay person has different characteristics. All gays are feminine, or straight up macho as there are many who can embrace both their side. There have been men who have had a hard time moving through this hetero-normative society, while for other camouflaging is just a cakewalk.

There is also a belief that if someone is gay, they automatically have to be good in fashion, as they simply say that what did you do sitting in the closet for so many years. So to all those people who still believe that, let me clear things for you as believe us, not all gays are good in fashion as you would like to think. There is also a notion that gays can not make it in athletics and sports, and the answer to that is, just because they are bullied at group sports doesn't mean that they cannot excel in solo sports, and there have been studies proving that homosexuals have fitter body compared to heterosexual men.

Last but not the least, organising events and parties are things few of gay men excel at, but that doesn't mean that all gays have a magic wand that can just say ‘Badabing badabung’ and the party turns from boring to interesting. They might be the eye-candy at the social gathering, but parting is not in every gay man’s agenda.

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