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We need to normalize these women related things right now!

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Being around a woman comes with a lot of perks and she is always there for you when you need emotional support. She is the most lovable and reliable person you can have around and the best part is that there will be no judgments involved when you share things with them. If you have a close female friend or a female BFF there are some things which are sure to make you cringe a little, but it's time now that you start normalizing it.

Being organized.

Now this comes like a package deal when you have a female best friend. Compared to men, the majority of females are majorly organized when it comes to their personal and professional life. Their organizational skills are so catchy that without even realizing you tend to start following her organizational routine without even her asking you to do so. It's time we simply accept this trait and live with it, because it is a great habit and we think that it is advisable for us all to be organized.

Stressing over periods.

If your female friend considers you as close as you think they do, we are sure you would know better about her menstruation cycle than her own mother. Stressing over her fluctuation and blaming it on the junk food will be a topic of discussion for almost every month. Now for men this might sound like -why is she telling me all of this- but you need to understand that she is sharing what is bothering her and just because you don't go through the pain and struggle she goes through, doesn't mean she cant even share it.

Always saying that ‘I don't have enough clothes’.

Now this is nothing new to us all, as this is a problem which we all struggle through and that is the feeling that we don't have enough clothes. The only difference can be that usually men don't speak this out in the open but women prefer to share and discuss this openly. This doesn't mean that you will grill her on the same thing which you deeply relate with.

Stressing over her breast and waist size.

Now the question is, who doesn't like to look attractive? Thanks to the content we receive through various media platforms, it ultimately becomes a beauty statement that only women with big boobs and slimming shapes are classified as attractive. Now we know that the majority of people aren't bothered by my above made points and are only interested in making sure they are fit and they look fit. Whichever scenario is it is essential to understand that it is ok for them to express themselves and if you don't want to give your opinions, just make sure you listen to them.

Not making marriage a priority.

Gone are the days when every decision of a girl's life would be surrounded by marriage. Just like how it has been said out loud like girls and guys are equal, this needs to be evident when it comes to her marriage also. There is never a right age to marry someone, it just depends on when you are independent enough to start a family of your own. Stop asking them again and again about their marriage plans, rather ask them about their future plans and guide them to pursue the same.

These are a few points we remember in regards to what needs to be normalized when it comes to womanhood. If you have some opinions on your own, please feel free to share them in the comment section below as we will be more than happy to read them.


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