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Things gay people are tired of hearing!

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Being gay can be tough on itself as we are always surrounded by heterosexual people who rarely accept us, and the one’s who do, don't fail to ask some questions which makes our mind boggle. Here are the top 5 questions which gay people are tired of hearing and we have also mentioned the answers so that you don't torture these wonderful being anymore.

Are you Brothers / Sisters?

Hey, do you keep asking everyone around if they are with their siblings? If you do, please stop as that is weird! Just because two people who always are together and look a little similar to each other does not make them brothers, it sometimes makes them partners who are made for each other.

Can you help us with our artistic choices?

Not every gay guy is good with colour combinations, it's just a stereotype. They might have a great taste while selecting a few artefacts but that doesn't make them your interior designing consultant.

Can I be your surrogate?

Ok, lady! We know you love the couple but there is more than one option to have a baby, maybe the happy couple is looking to be a foster parent or is open for adoption. If they need you to be a surrogate, I'm sure they will ask you! Until then please hold your horses.

Do you have no feelings for girls?

Hey, we do have feelings for our opposite gender, it's just that we are not romantically or sexually attracted towards them. And even if they do, it's something they have to deal with, you don't have to worry about that.

Who is the man and who is the woman in this relationship?

The whole point of our relationship is that we are of the same gender as we both are attracted to the same gender. The whole concept of a man is a dominant one and the female is a submissive doesn't work in our relationship. As when required we can be as graceful as a woman and as strong as a man.

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