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Pride Month: More than just a celebration!

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Sexual orientation and gender dysphoria are two of the most ignored topics in every social convention. It usually is presumed that every child is born as a heterosexual, and develop homosexual or transexual tendencies depending upon how they are brought-up or their lifestyle choices. To break this misconception, and create awareness that every other sexuality and sexual orientation is as valid as heterosexuality, Pride Month is celebrated. During pride march, the LGBT community gathers in large numbers to communicate to our society, our legislators and our government that, they are not just a minuscule minority and they deserve every human right which every heterosexual person gets by birth.

Individuals who belong to the LGBT community face discrimination and hate since childhood. Every time they slightly behave against their gender norms or show any signs of gender dysphoria. They are either made fun of or asked to correct their behaviour. It becomes a routine for these kids to remind themselves every morning, to control all their basic instincts, just so that they don’t attract any negative attention towards them. Since childhood, due to not adhering to the gender norms set by our society, these individuals face cruelty, injustice, violence, and many even become a victim of paedophilia.

To the contrary belief, being an adult isn’t easy, as thanks to our society, they have so much emotional baggage within themselves, that it makes them feel that they are metaphorically and literally inside the closet. Pride Month is the time of the year, where magically majority of people pretend to be open-minded and acknowledge from their heart that they are an ally to the community, where in reality they still seem to be a little homophobic.

Initially around the world, if you belonged to the LGBT community and were caught, having consensual sexual relationships, the verdict was simple, as it would either be imprisonment for life, stoned or hang till death. Imagine how would it feel if a heterosexual person is given this same punishment for being in a consensual sexual relationship with someone from the opposite gender. In some counties, homosexuality is still considered the worst offence than murder, theft or rape. It was majorly why pride march was so vital to make these lawmakers realise that a feeling that people are born with cannot be a criminal activity.

Pride month is usually just viewed as an event where people from the LGBT community drees up in costumes and dance around the city, then later enjoy at the afterparty. Whereas, pride month also stands as a chance for socially excluded individuals to come together and enjoy the feeling of being accepted. During pride month, different events are organised around the city so that the LGBT Community can come together and compete, educate and celebrate their individuality in an accepting environment. Pride month also helps to bring the community together and make them believe that united they can tackle every challenge thrown in front of them.

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Valentine Dsilva
Valentine Dsilva
25 jun 2020

Happy pride y'all 💕💕💕💕💕

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