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Important of self-love in the LGBT Community.

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

LGBT individuals since their adolescent age have been feeling ashamed of themselves. Due to not following the norms set by society, they always tend to feel disgusted and ashamed. There have been so many cases of suicide in adolescents who have homosexual tendencies and gender dysphoria, as they couldn’t accept themselves. These kids consider death as a better option than living and facing the truth, but there should be a better option than ending one’s life due to the threat that our family, friends or society won’t understand.

This is when self-love plays a very important role, as it has the power to save people’s life. Now that’s to the internet, porn and our dirty minds, we always presume that self-love is masturbation. These people are wrong, as self-love has to do nothing with being sexually aroused or pleased. The whole idea behind asking someone to love themselves is to help them realise they are perfect the way they are born. When we humans fall in love, we love that person unconditionally, we start loving all the good and bad in them, we encourage them, protect them, take special care of them and respect them. The funny thing is that we can do all of those for another human being, but not ourselves. Isn’t that weird?

During the research of this topic, I spoke to a well-renowned psychiatrist, and I asked him to explain to me the meaning of self-love, here is what he said. He started by asking me a question (which you can ask yourselves too) “imagine that you have been invited for a blind date, what will be your initial thoughts?” I said bluntly that mostly I’ll be something like ‘will he like me?’ To which he replied saying “ why should he like you when you are not even comfortable and confident about your self. As for people who love themselves and have accepted the way they are would rather question ‘will I like him?’. It’s important to understand that love and acceptance come from within and unless you don’t love yourself and accept yourself, you can not expect the world to love or accept you.”

He also gave me a few tips to share which can help each individual to help them in loving themselves. He had asked us to prepare a list of 10 things we love about ourselves, these could be very petty things but it’s essential to write them. Then every morning once you wake up, try remembering them and read them to yourself to be reminded of your good qualities. He also suggests that before taking every decision, think what would you suggest the person you love, and accordingly take the decision. Slowly but steadily you will witness the magic of self-love. You will start taking care of yourself better, keep yourself tidy and well-groomed, eat properly, sleep well, and admire your self.

(hello all you loyal readers, soon there will be a blog on ‘what questions you always wanted to ask a gay man, but were too shy to do so?’ If you have any questions, feel free to slide in our DM’s or mail us at

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