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5 best LGBT web series you can watch on Netflix this Pride Month

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

After the success of our previous article on '5 best gay movies you can watch on Netflix this pride month', we decided to make a list of some marvellous web series based on LGBT subjects. Our selection will not only give you goosebumps but is sure to teach you a lot about our LGBT community. We ensure not to give you any spoilers in the description, apart from the one’s that have already been unveiled in the pictures. (If you like our picks, don’t forget to subscribe to our website for timely updates.)

Schitt’s Creek

"Patrick Brewer, you are my happy ending." -David

This series is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys drama. Through this unusual series, the creators have depicted all the hurdles we face as being a part of the LGBT Community. Through David’s character, there has been a very strong message given in the series about how important it is to accept yourself, forget the past and a belief that everyone deserves a happy ending (Pun Intended- you will understand the joke after you finish the series). This series also openly showcases and discusses the life of many other sexualities and sexual orientation, keeping everything simple and meaningful.

Tales of the City

"Sometimes the truth is a burden you have to carry alone" - Anna

Though we try to make every decision in life, keeping in mind that we don’t hurt anyone else, there are some moments when we have to be selfish. The most important part of living is to survive, and sometimes it comes with tremendous loss. Through this series, there is a lot of life lessons each viewer will get to learn. This series talks about the important issues like adoption, HIV, relationships, blackmailing and gender dysphoria. This series is a must-watch for all those sexually curious individuals, as through this series they will get certainty that this happens with everyone and its normal to feel that way.


"Under a god who for sure if he believes in love, then he fully endorses the loving marriages of this two loving couple." -Burt

Who doesn't like a series where all are beloved songs are sung frequently. Glee being centred towards the ‘Musical Culture’ in high school, also focuses on many important issues faced by today's youth. This series openly speaks about serious taboo topics like bullying, sexual orientation, Drag culture. Marriage equality, drug overdoes and suicide. This series is packed with wonderful song covers, great story, fabulous characters and a very pleasant ending. This series is a must-watch for anyone who loves music and is longing to see a series with a dream-like gay love story.

Sex Education

"you need to own your narrative, not let it control you" -Otis

This series is a complete package of information about the things you must know about sex. Well being in their season 2, they have spoken about so many issues which people were either terrified to talk about or not yet aware of. Through this series, you will get to discover a lot in detail about sexual encounters, attraction, problems faced while having sex and tips on how to deal with it. This series also makes us reflect on other issues like gender dysphoria, abortion, molestation, self-identity, questioning sexual orientation and attraction. This is a must-watch series for any and everyone who wants to understand everything in detail about sex, sexual orientation and misconceptions surrounding it.

Sotus the series

"People say when you have a crush on someone, you will likely pull a prank to attract attention. And you punish me for fun, which proves that you have a crush on me, right?" - Kongpob

If you have travelled to Thailand there is a small possibility you might understand a few words they speak otherwise, you will have to completely rely on the subtitles. This is an amazing love story of two individuals who have to first deal with their own identity and love each other. This series positively talks about the power of love and how it attracts people and make them better people. If you think you are a romantic person, this series is a must-watch for you. This series has great fights, drama, enmity, values to learn, self-acceptance, love, romance and also a much-desired happy ending.

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