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5 essential things for every 'Bottom' to follow to maintain health and hygiene

Sexual preference is a deal maker and deal breaker in a gay relationship, as when the guys are not compatible by sexual preference, it could demand either a lot of compromise or sacrifice. While there are many sexual preferences in the LGBTQIA+ community like Top, Bottom, Versatile, Side, and much more; Here are 5 essential things for every 'Bottom' to follow in order to maintain health and hygiene.

Have a Fiber-Rich Diet

While its completely normal to have an Oopsie when it comes to Anal Sex, it has been observed that when a bottom is having planned intercourse, they usually skip meals at least 6 hours before or eat light. One more precautionary act which can ensure that you have a clean colon is to either eat a 'Fiber Rich Diet'. People who are busy or find it difficult to keep a track of their daily diet also choose to add Fiber Supplements to ensure that they can get the benefits of this trick. On a side note, this is a good practice for even people who are not bottom in order to ensure that they don't face constipation or any gut-related issues.

Douche Correctly

When it comes to cleaning our anal area thoroughly before bottoming, at least when it comes to India, a douche is not accessible to everyone which leaves most of us only one option and that is the jet spray. While it does get the job done, it is essential to understand when to stop otherwise it could make your anal area dry and lead to injury during sex.

Don't shy away form expressing how you really feel

There are times when the tops are a little hasty which could either lead to extreme pain or discomfort during anal. While it is more of a psychological thing that we have to impress our tops at all times. Your comfort, safety, and pleasure should be your main priority. It is always recommended to always communicate with your partner as to which positions feel comfortable and what they should do to intensify the pleasure down there.

Use 'Stress and Release' technique to reduce discomfort.

While having anal sex it is possible that at the initial stage the pain can be excruciating if the rectum is not prepared properly which could even lead to tissue damage and bleeding. To avoid this, it is always recommended to start small and work your way upward and fingering helps in this process. One additional step you can take while fingering is that when the finger is inside, the bottom can try and stress the region by grabbing the finger inside, this will lead to temporarily numbing your anal area, which can help with the initial stage of sex until your body feels comfortable on its own.

Use plenty of Lubricant

When it comes to having anal sex, it is important to remember that this body part does not exceed any natural lube, hence it is essential that you use a generous amount of lubricant to ensure smooth penetration. This will not only help in feeling more comfortable but will be pleasureful for both the partners.

By ensuring you follow these tips you are sure to have a great time bottoming and if you have any tricks up your sleeves, do mention them in the comment section below and help your other bottom friends experience pain-free intercourse.


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