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BADHAAI DO: Not just another LGBT


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Exclusive Post

This section is dedicated to the exclusive content garnered by the team closeted stance team purely focused on LGBTQ+ Community.


A special section where we give you our review on various LGBT content out there!

Health & Well Being

Content based on LGBTQ+ individuals Health and Wellbeing.

Event & Travel

One-stop destination to know about LGBT Friendly locations, events, and travel destinations

Fashion & Beauty

Articles speaking about fashion and beauty standards in relation to every LGBTQ+ individual.

Art & Culture

Content focusing on LGBTQ+ Culture and Art in the modern era of disconnect

Sex &


Content focused on subjects related to sex and relationships of an LGBTQ+ individual.

Worldly Updates

Scoop on whats happening in Bollywood, nation and our world

Recently Added

Sex & Relationship

Health & Wellbeing